No toilets in Gatton expansion

TMR Gatton toilet

The controversial Gatton heavy vehicle decoupling facility is expanding in response to high level use, but there are still no toilets on the cards.

Despite ongoing protesting and a petition pushing the case for toilets at Gatton, truckies will instead receive four additional trailer parking bays, bringing it up from 30 to 34.

There’ll be an additional asphalt sealed section for auxiliary parking added too.

But, if nature calls, truckies will still need to travel further afield if they want a toilet.

Truckie supporter Wes Walker has been pushing hard to get toilets at Gatton, sitting on the throne at the site in a protest that has already lasted weeks, with no end in sight. His petition (open to Queensland residents only) can be signed here.

So far the only solution offered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) if for eastbound traffic to use the nearby BP service station that’s three kilometres east of the Gatton decoupling facility; and westbound traffic to use the Gatton Bypass Rest Area that’s around 8.5 kilometres west of the decoupling facility. Too bad if you’re busting!

The expansion of the Gatton decoupling facility is due to be completed by late August. The facility will remain open and accessible during expansion works.

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