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Change. It can make us excited, and it can make us nervous. Some people embrace change, while others want to turn and run the other way.

Whether it be new business processes, modern vehicle technologies or a global pandemic, there will always be change and challenges. It’s how we prepare ourselves and our businesses that can be the difference between whether we succeed or fall behind.

So, what is the best way to prepare? Continued learning and professional development are fundamental elements of preparedness and how we can adapt to our changing world. 

Time and again industry members have told me that learning is not gained solely from structured qualifications and educational material. A primary source of knowledge is our coworkers and those who have been in the industry for years gaining first-hand experience.

The value of strong mentors and peer-to-peer learning cannot be underestimated. This value is recognised by the ATA and PACCAR and its dealer network, which is why for the last 20 years we have committed to delivering the Technology and Maintenance Conference.

Last year in response to the Covid-19 restrictions, the ATA and PACCAR came together to deliver the first-ever TMC Online event. This was a huge learning curve as we worked to ensure that we could provide educational and informative peer-to-peer learning opportunities that our Technology and Maintenance Conference delegates know and love.

Despite current restrictions and recent lockdowns, we are excited to once again be able to deliver valuable, educational content to industry no matter where they are located around the country with TMC Online 2021.

Bringing together trucking fleet, workshop, and maintenance professionals, as well as mechanics, engineers, and business operators, TMC Online is a free and interactive event that will deliver the latest technology and maintenance updates, insights, and stories from trucking experts across Australia.

Developed with input from the ATA’s Industry Technical Council and the wider trucking industry, TMC Online will take a deep dive into some key topics including electric trucks, how to gain and keep apprentices, why wider vehicles are safer and more productive, business savings from full expensing, and the potential changes to vehicle inspections, defects, and duties.

Bringing what is traditionally an in-person only event into the online realm, we are now able to connect with a much larger and broader audience than ever before. It’s a fantastic way to allow our delegates to view the content whenever suits them, regardless of the Covid situation.

There is no other event that delivers high-quality, first-hand knowledge like this. This is your opportunity to prepare for change, learn from others and share your own experiences.

To view the TMC Online program or to register, head to www.truck.net.au/TMC

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