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Superfoam brings out the beauty in your beast

For over 20 years, CHEMTECH has built up a reputation for providing a range of vehicle care and protective products that work. From its famous CT18 Superwash to its Diesel Power fuel additives, it has built up a range of products specifically developed with truck and four-wheel drive users in mind.

CHEMTECH understands that Australia is a large, diverse place, from muddy creeks to sandy and salty beaches, from grimy city streets and freeways to those long hard drives across the driest, dustiest continent on earth. And that’s why CHEMTECH products are developed and made locally in Australia, designed to perform well in all of the Australian environments you might come across while out on the road.

CT18 Superfoam is a heavy-duty, fast foaming wash that easily removes the toughest dirt and grime to keep your rig in tip-top condition.

CHEMTECH has various applications covered including vehicle washes, detailing products, degreasers, fuel additives, wheel and tyre care, metal and aluminium cleaning and polishing products.

Used extensively by the professional detailing, heavy vehicle trade, and car, four-wheel drive and truck enthusiasts, the CHEMTECH range is well known as a gutsy, no nonsense, down to earth, value for money, quality product that consistently works.

To continuously improve its products, its chemists have spent a lot of time developing and testing a new truck wash to make it even easier to clean your vehicle faster, while also leaving a first-rate finish. Introducing CHEMTECH CT18 Superfoam, a heavy-duty, fast foaming wash that easily removes the toughest dirt and grime to keep your rig in tip-top condition.

There’s no sponging or rubbing. With the easy pressure washer application, CT18 Superfoam totally blankets your vehicle with a rich, dense foam that loosens and lifts off the toughest Aussie dirt, mud and grime. It leaves you with a vehicle that’s sparkling clean, with no risk of the micro scratching or swirls that a dirty mitt can cause.

Here’s how to do it:

• Before you start, make sure your truck is out of direct sunlight and the panels are cool to touch.

• Now, grab any pressure washer or foam gun that has a standard detergent tank.

• CT18 is a powerful concentrate, so for a deep clean on heavily soiled surfaces, dilute one-part Chemtech CT18 Superfoam with four parts of water.

• Starting at the rear, apply the foam in long sweeping motions from the bottom, right up to the top, making sure it clings to every nook and cranny.

• Now leave it to sit for about five minutes but don’t let it dry. This will enable the active ingredients in CT18 to get down to work, loosening and dissolving the dirt, and releasing it from the paintwork.

• Grab your spray gun, and with the pressure washer nozzle attached, rinse away the foam and grime.

CT18 Superfoam is safe to use on any vehicle and almost any surface, including modern finishes, polished wheels, plastic trim, fibreglass, all metal types, rubber, vinyl and glass.

CHEMTECH CT18 Superfoam can be found at all leading truck retailers and suppliers.

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