Truckies called back to depot and told to isolate, says union

The TWU is today in talks with the management of a major transport company after the union was alerted that the company has asked its workers to isolate and get tested for coronavirus.

The company sent a text message to all staff at their yard in Western Sydney requesting that drivers bring trucks back to the depot, not turn up to work and then go home.

The TWU understands that one office worker has tested positive, however there is a 10-day period in question, from July 12-22, where the union understands that a worker has identified Covid-positive in the site. The positive result came through yesterday, added the union.

The TWU have today chosen to not name the company as they are still working on their response for their workers.

Richard Olsen, NSW state secretary said: “The TWU has questions for the company as to how they are looking after their drivers. Will they ensure workers impacted by Covid have paid pandemic leave available to them, I am told the company has not yet said no, but will decide on Monday.”

“The biggest question the TWU has is for the NSW Government; 10 days of Covid exposure and we are not aware of any public information that has been sent out by the NSW Health department to any other transport workers who attended the infected site.

“The NSW Government has been approached by the TWU and other industry representatives to sort the shambles in transport regarding transport workers having access to testing where they work.

“What the transport industry has not been provided is resources, safe testing facilities or consultation when it comes to enabling drivers to keep moving. The NSW Premier is using the right words, the strategy needs refocussing to enable support that essential services like the transport industry need.”

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