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A Current Affair viewers get behind truckie supporter’s epic battle

Wes Walker’s month-long sit-in at the Gatton decoupling facility in Queensland has touched a chord with the nationwide viewers of A Current Affair at the weekend.

Incensed that truckies’ basic needs have been overlooked at the $18m stop, the disability pensioner is campaigning to have toilets built there, and reiterated to TV reporter Chris Allen in the story below that he’d stay there for as long as it took.

A Current Affair fans rallied with overwhelming support when the clip was posted on the show’s Facebook page yesterday.

Writes Joylene Adams: “Every single truck shop or rest place should have a a toilet block give these men an women a place for them to go. HERE a thought put a politician in a truck with the driver and let them see what it’s all about. They have rights.”

Adds Paula Ennis: “Truckies, like farmers are the backbone of our country. Having a toilet block at this truck stop is necessary. There are security cameras covering this facility so vandals can be seen. Not having toilets there is a health hazard.”

Queensland residents can sign Walker’s parliamentary petition here.

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