Fighting for drivers’ job security from the top

I wrote earlier this year of TWU plans for 2021 and now bargaining rolling in the transport industry, starting from the top down. The TWU is working to secure a strong future for all transport workers.

We have been working with delegates and members to come together as one for a massive major industry campaign to bring those companies to the negotiating table securing safe rates and strong standards across transport.

We are also building the fight with Toll because the company has refused to sign a deed of agreement that protects what current workers have. A deed between Toll, Allegro and the TWU would safeguard drivers’ entitlements, accruals, local arrangements and all terms and conditions of employment during the sale process.

Toll maintains that it will “do the right thing” and that therefore entering into a Deed with the TWU is “unnecessary”. Without the deed, we predict a race to the bottom for drivers.

The union is looking to get fair treatment from transport companies for drivers, so we need you in the fight, if you are not a member, join now to strengthen the fight.

The major players in the transport industry must respond to the workers, those who literally drive business forward and keep the Australian economies and communities running.

You deserve respect through being kept safe at work and being able to make decent rates of pay for the increasing workload.

For around 18 months truck drivers have worked at an extreme level of demand. TWU delegates, representing tens of thousands of transport workers across Australia are seeking respect and change as they begin bargaining for new Enterprise Agreements.

Operators are already revealing they cannot meet modest pay claims because of the squeeze by retailers.

It’s clear from conversations with companies like Toll and FedEx that drivers’ pay, and job security is under attack because retail clients and others who’ve raked in profits are not paying enough for transport.

The TWU has served claims on over 50 major retailers to ensure they take their share of the responsibility to pay transport operators enough to guarantee safe delivery of their goods. The Union is looking at the gaps in the supply chain that are causing serious safety issues, gaps that are also threatening job security and your future.

Your safety is also union business; we are working to stop the number of transport workers dying at work. We are working to reduce the financial stress placed on owners and employees trying to get the job done.

The TWU is ready and committed to deliver on these actions collectively as bargaining continues.

We are organised in the yards and continuing to negotiate. Lockdown or not, we know the trucks do not stop and the TWU won’t either. 

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