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Third generation truckie

Third generation truck driver Ronald Goldsmith works for Geoff Richards Refrigerated Transport in Brisbane.

Aged 64, Goldsmith had parked his CAT CT630 at the BP Cluden just after 7am one morning when Big Rigs saw him.

“I have been a driver for a long time and this is the first occasion anybody from a transport publication has seen me and done pictures,” Goldsmith said.

Goldsmith is proud of the achievements of his father Bruce and grandfather Leslie Starr who were both truckies.

“My dad told me to believe nothing that you hear and only half what you see. There are two sides to every story,” he said.

When I asked Goldsmith the worst road he had driven on, he provided a thought provoking answer.

“The word worst is a state of mind and you have to drive to the conditions,” he said.

Goldsmith has been employed by this company for months and was carrying express goods from Brisbane for Townsville.

“I have produce to pick up probably at Mareeba to take back,” he said.

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