Hero truckie breaks up road rage fight on Melbourne bridge

A brave truckie has stepped in to break up an ugly road rage fight on the busy Westgate Bridge in Melbourne.

In a clip posted on the Malaka Carpark Facebook group today, the driver jumps from the cab to intervene, forcing the pair back into their cars.

The truckie grabs one of the drivers by the collar and holds him up against the back of a parked Mazda ute.

“Get in your car,” he can be heard yelling.

“Get in your car!”

The truckie then loosens his grip on the pinned driver and pushs him back towards his blue Subaru parked nearby.

“In your car,” he orders before getting back into the truck and clearing the busy road for other motorists.

Facebook readers were quick to praise the truckie for his actions.

“Bro what a legend some hero’s wear capes some wear a orange hi vis vest.”

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