Higher Mass Limits in the ACT

From today, eligible heavy vehicles will be able to operate at Higher Mass Limits (HML) on authorised routes in the ACT.

This is as a result of the Australian Capital Territory Higher Mass Limits Declaration 2021, which is now in effect, following a review of HML access by the NHVR and Traffic Management and Safety, Roads ACT.

The Declaration replaces the Australian Capital Territory Class 3 Mass Management Accreditation Exemption Notice 2019, although vehicles can continue to operate under this until  September 7, 2021.

To operate under the new Declaration, the NHVR says eligible vehicles must be fitted with certified road friendly suspension.

Eligible vehicles are listed in the Operator’s Guide to the Declaration. Excluded vehicles include rigid combinations, including car carriers, and vehicles equipped with a tri-axle drive group.

Authorised routes are shown on a new digital map produced by Traffic Management and Safety, Roads ACT.


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