Bigger is better with new ‘super pocket’

Capable of carrying just over 98,500 litres of diesel per trip, Tieman’s new PBS approved super pocket is a game changer for Trojan Haulage.

Among WA’s independent bulk fuel carriers, Trojan Haulage services the retail, mining and agricultural industries across the state.

Its new super pocket – which Melbourne-based tanker manufacturer Tieman Tankers describes as a “giant leap from the conventional pocket road train” – runs in and out of the Kwinana fuel terminal in Perth.

“The super pocket has a 17 per cent payload advantage over our biggest capacity pocket road train in the fleet,” said Trojan Haulage Director, Callum Lumsden.

“We move more litres with fewer trucks in a safer and more efficient manner. Also, we are able to achieve similar payloads to a conventional C-train combination while operating a vehicle that is much safer on the road with better route access.”

The super pocket has a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 116 tonnes. “We have other high GCM trucks in operation but nothing rivals the payload and access of the super pocket built by Tieman,” Lumsden added.

“The trailers track well and the swept path mimics a traditional pocket road train. It is hard to get your head around it until you jump in and go for a drive. The way this combination handles is amazing, for big payloads these combinations are certainly the best way forward.”

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