Sydney truckie launches driver hire concept to help industry combat Covid

When one door closes another opens for never-say-die Sydney truckie Keven Mitchell.

Rather than being discouraged by having his hours cut back due to the pandemic, Mitchell is taking the glass-half-full approach by offering his services to smaller operators struggling to fill seats.

Already he’s picked up 2-3 days on runs to Tarcutta, and the like, and now Mitchell, who used to work full-time driving in the building industry, wants to help other truckies caught in a similar predicament.

Although still to nut out how his concept will work, he is confident he will be able to marry up other truckies with stop-gap roles – and isn’t going to charge a cent for his services.

Truckie Keven Mitchell.

“I’m not the only driver in this position,” said the Stoneworld staffer, who also makes ends meet by making truck-themed leather stubbie holders.

“There are plenty of drivers who have been stood down, and there are also drivers stuck in Covid areas who can’t work, and there are also companies who are screaming for drivers.

“It’s a very, very hard time for everybody.

“Even going to Queensland now, it’s an absolute nightmare.

“Do you know how many drivers I’ve talked to lately who have said, ‘Bugger it, I’m not doing Sydney-Brisbane any more?’

“I know of a dozen who refuse to go to Brisbane. Covid’s killed this industry, but it is what it is and we have to keep trudging along in the system.”

If you’re a small company needing drivers, or a driver looking for work, Mitchell wants to hear from you on ph 0416 451 822.

“This is about companies who are struggling to find drivers,” added Mitchell.

“I’d never go work for the big mobs because they’ve got tons of drivers, and companies like Linfox, and all that, are making tons of money.

“There are trucking companies out there with a couple of rigids and maybe one semi and they’re struggling for drivers.

“They’re the companies I want to go out and help.”

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