Trucking boardgame 20 years in the making

A unique Australian trucking boardgame will finally make its official debut, after a successful Kickstarter campaign helped a 20-year dream come to fruition.

Created by Trefor Jones, who worked as a truckie before spending nearly 40 years in the truck hire industry, the Linehauler boardgame is now on the market, just in time for Father’s Day.

“With the help of two mates and a small Kickstarter campaign, the game is finally alive after 20 years of work,” said Jones.

“It’s a little bit daunting, but so exciting to finally see it come to fruition. And a number of people who have played the prototype have all said they’ve found it quite interesting. It’s quite a relief to get it to market.

“I’m pleased to have it out there. I’d like to thank Big Rigs and a few of the other organisations that have helped me like the National Road Transport Hall of Fame. It’s not only for truckies, it’s a good family game as well.”

To play the game, players start in a rigid truck and work their way around the board to build their fleet with a semi-trailer, B-double and then finally the road train – the ‘King of the Road’ – to become a Linehauler champion. They travel through Australian towns along the way and hear of some of the road rules too.

The game was due to arrive in time for the National Road Transport Hall of Fame Reunion in Alice Springs, which takes place from August 23-29, where was to make its first appearance to market. However shipping delays mean it will miss the event by just days, so instead those in attendance can pre-order the game for delivery in time for Father’s Day.

Pre-orders can also be made via the website at Orders placed up to September 30 will also receive a free stubby holder and keyring.

In addition to the standard game, there are 100 limited edition versions up for grabs too. They are each individually numbered and will feature a special limited edition keyring too.

To pre-order the game, please click here.

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