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Watch female truckie cop spray from angry resident for trying to heat her dinner

With just 30 minutes left on her book, the dedicated Yelarbon truck stop near the Queensland/NSW border seemed like the perfect place to stop for the night for truckie Kylie Robinson.

Until that is, the director of the Trucking Support Agency of Australia fired up the aircon just enough to heat up her dinner.

Seconds later an angry resident appears outside her cab door and unleashes a tirade of abuse, much of which Robinson manages to film on her phone and share on her group’s Facebook page.

“Check this interesting person out! Abusing a female truckie!” writes Robinson.

“I stopped at Yelarbon for my sleep tonight, pulled up and shut it down fairly quickly. I started the ecowind just so I could heat my food and within two minutes this guy was knocking on my door.. he basically started abusing me about the noise and wouldn’t give me a chance to explain.. the sign does state no refrigeration motors after 9pm but aircon is far from refrigeration isn’t it??”

Robinson started her aircon around 9.30pm but only had it going for a few minutes.

A shaken Robinson tells Big Rigs that she also tried to call local police to alert them of the abuse she received, but no one picked up and suspects the resident was faking his call.

Truckie Kylie Robinson. Photo: Facebook

“When I wound the window down you could see he was a bit shocked that I was a female but he just went to town, he didn’t care,” added Robinson.

“I wonder what would have happened if I was a six foot male and had come out the door.”

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