Looking forward to the new challenges ahead

Isn’t it amazing sometimes when a door slams shut behind you, it propels you into a world of amazing opportunity.

This is how I am looking at my retrenchment from Lineage Logistics recently. I believe that the world is now full of opportunities.

I’d been in the same role for 14 years and stayed on because of my love for the Fleiszig family of Oxford Cold Storage before it was sold to Lineage Logistics, and because of the pandemic uncertainty.

Now I’m free to take on new challenges and write the next chapter in what so far has been an amazing life.

So, while I had become quite depressed because of all the lockdowns, the pandemic and being unable to visit family interstate, I’m now looking forward to the future in a more buoyant manner.

I will be happily seeking a new role but, in the meantime, I will be packing to move into my new home and catching up on all the work for Transport Women Australia Limited and devoting more time to the organisation.

I will be spending time with the cats and trying not to buy any more art!

While I’m not sure about the Covid-19 vaccinations and I don’t believe they should be mandatory, I believe that the government will make it that being vaccinated will be the only way we are able to have any freedom.

It may also be the only way that we will progress from the continual opening and shutting and opening and shutting of our businesses and state borders.

We need to get to the stage where we can open and get back to work; where this virus is treated as just another flu, where you have the vaccine and go about your business.

We cannot continue disrupting the economy and have the uncertainty that has been going on since February 2020. We need to protect our vulnerable and have an actual plan, a proper plan, to come out of this and move forward to a working economy.

While we can continue to support local businesses, they must survive to be supported. We need to bring sensible conditions that allow all businesses to operate without shutting down at a moment’s notice. If we have the contact tracing in place and it works, there is no need for these lockdowns to continue.

We also need to set priorities for our essential workers like truck drivers, police, aged care workers, etc. to be first in line for vaccinations, for testing, and anything else that assists them in doing their job quicker and easier.

After all we can’t survive without the transport industry, and we would not want to survive without the police. We also need practise caution in our aged care facilities and make sure our vulnerable citizens are protected.

If you would like to contact Transport Women Australia Limited about events, our initiatives, or our conference or membership – please email chair@transportwomen.com.au or call 0417 422 319.

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