Call to prioritise trucking in Sydney’s industrial land planning


Proposals to allow more flexible uses of industrial land, including housing, will just force freight out and result in higher costs and increased congestion.

That’s one of the key messages from Road Freight NSW and the Australian Trucking Association in their joint submission to the Greater Sydney Commission’s review of industrial lands policy released today.

RFNSW CEO Simon O’Hara said trucking and freight are critical to Sydney’s economy and keeping shops and consumers supplied.

“The Greater Sydney Commission must maintain the ‘retain and manage’ approach to industrial and urban services land and ensure freight and trucking operations are protected from competing uses,” O’Hara said.

The submission also calls for the Greater Sydney Commission to plan for trucking and ensure the industrial lands policy align with the National Urban Freight Planning Principles.

“Trucking is critical to making successful cities and needs to be part of the planning conversation,” ATA Transport and Infrastructure Adviser Sam Marks said.

“Planning for industrial and logistics areas need to plan for truck access, urban rest areas and parking and decoupling sites.”

The review of industrial lands policy responds to a recommendation of the NSW Productivity Commission to evaluate the retain and manage approach to industrial and urban services land in Sydney.

“The campaign for removing planning protection of industrial and freight land is based on a misplaced understanding of the economic value that trucking and freight bring to Sydney,” O’Hara added.

“Trucking is critical to our city and should continue to be protected.”

Summary of key recommendations:

1. Maintain the ‘retain and manage’ approach to industrial and urban services land and not introduce residential or other flexible land uses which conflict with trucking and freight operations.

2. Ensure that any proposal to increase the flexibility of land use in industrial zones does not decrease the flexibility of trucking and freight operations.

3. Continue to prioritise the operational role of industrial and urban services land and the need for freight operations to be within ready access of customers and markets.

4. Prioritise industrial and urban services remaining curfew free for freight and trucking operations.

5. Prioritise planning for trucks to be incorporated into industrial and urban services land, including the need for high productivity freight vehicle access, urban rest areas and truck parking and decoupling sites.

Read the joint submission here.

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