Health chief praises truckies for doing the right thing

testing for covid

The two Queensland truckies who tested positive for Covid are not considered a “major risk”.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said both were detected by a New South Wales lab, but they have, essentially, not been to many places at all.

“They’ve mainly been with their family,” she said.

Exposure sites linked to the truck drivers will be released later today, the ABC reported.

“I think they stopped for one moment for fuel in St George, so, we’ll go through and put those exposure sites up for people to have a look at, but we are not overly concerned about these two,” Palaszczuk added.

One driver lives in the Somerset region and one lives on the Sunshine coast, but Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said those communities do not need to be alarmed.

Since they were retested, both drivers have returned negative results.

“I”m not concerned about the risks in those communities because these two truck drivers did everything they should do.

“They maintained social distancing at all times. They stayed at home when they weren’t driving the truck.

“I thank these two truck drivers and I thank all of the truck drivers who are out there going around Australia moving our necessities, food, fuel, goods, through the country, and then following the very rigid processes and they are doing it absolutely brilliantly.”

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