Gold Coast protest over but message delivered, says truckie

gold coast

Today’s protest action on the Gold Coast didn’t last as long as participants had hoped, but truckie Tony Fulton believes the ‘pro-choice’ vaccination message was still delivered.

A small convoy of trucks was moved on by police shortly after they’d started blocking the M1 southbound lane at Reedy Creek earlier this morning.

In a video statement on this Facebook page, Tones Truckin Stories, Fulton conceded that the gathering didn’t go “100 per cent as planned”, but was confident it had been a success in making a stand for freedom of choice when it comes to the Covid vaccine.

“I really hope we got the message across of what we’re trying to do her and that’s the freedom of choice and speech, not just for truck drivers,” he said.

“That we can do the right thing and get on and live our lives before everyone in the country comes out of lockdown and there’s actually nothing out there for you to do because everyone has gone broke.”

Fulton had hoped the convoy would be able to relocate to another location nearby and was encouraged by toots of support from Queensland motorists who had been held up in the blockade.

“But police told us to leave the state and we’re respecting those wishes.”

“We’ll get back over there now [the border] and probably gather up around Chinderah on the NSW side I guess.”

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