Truckies receive vaccination reprieve at South Australia border

The deadline for a single-dose vaccination as a condition of entry for truckies into South Australia has been scrapped.

The surprise new order that truckies had until September 24 to roll up a sleeve lasted just four days after being introduced last Friday.

South Australian Road Transport Association executive officer Steve Shearer said on the SARTA Facebook page that he was in close consultation with officials and ministers regarding the difficulty the industry would have in meeting the deadline.

“We certainly welcome this change,” said Shearer, who also cautioned that the requirement was still currently under review in national cabinet.

“So, although removed for now, it is possible this may be re-introduced in future directions.

“If your drivers have already secured vaccination booking, we encourage them to keep that appointment,” he told members.

Those interstate drivers re-entering SA from restricted zones still need to have undergone a Covid test within the previous 72 hours, and show a negative result from the previous seven days.

Shearer told Big Rigs today that he was relieved that common-sense had prevailed with this week’s backflip, but reiterated that the orders could change again at short notice.

Since May this year, Shearer said the SA road transport industry has had to deal with 22 new directions, and is hoping for a solution soon that will work for both sides of the vaccination argument.

“It doesn’t matter if you agree [with the jab] or not, we can not stop 15-20 per cent of our trucks from crossing borders,” he said.

“In an integrated economy and market place like we have in Australia the economy would grind to a halt.”

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