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Tired of being treated “like lepers”

NSW driver Matthew Jones said truckies are generally treated “like lepers” by some authorities and members of the public because of Covid-19 regulations.

Jones, 32, works for Moree based company Rod Pilon Transport and was having a 24-hour break when Big Rigs saw him sitting in the driver’s seat of his Kenworth T402 at Townsville.

I asked Jones about his experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic era and he was quick to answer.

“I have been tested about 20 times and have been negative on each occasion. But the police seem to target truck drivers and ask us so many questions. We are treated like lepers,” Jones said.

He added that members of the public and many police showed little respect for drivers as they keep Australia supplied in trying times.

The knowledgeable driver had hauled mining coils from Newcastle to Townsville and had a similar backload destined for Brisbane.

Jones said more rest areas for truckies were needed overall but especially beside the Bruce Highway in Queensland.

He likes stopping at the Yetholme Roadhouse in NSW because the food is great and staff are friendly.

In his travels, Jones has found the Barrier Highway in NSW on the way to Cobar and stretches of the Bruce Highway as challenging to get along.

Outside work Jones enjoys spending time with his five children, aged five to 18, and fishing.

“I catch some flathead and bream in creeks around Newcastle,” he said.


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