Ryno takes the pressure out of insurance

Truck driving isn’t a job for everyone. It’s hard work despite what some might believe. Often those who are called to it can’t imagine themselves doing anything else. However, being out on the road for hours at a time every single day can take its toll on you and you may need someone who can help take a load off. That’s where Ryno Insurance comes in.

Ryno Insurance is a broker that can arrange insurance for you, your truck and your business. For Ryno, it’s not only about ensuring you get the proper cover, the business also really cares about its truckie clients too.

Fans of classic cars may have heard of Ryno and what it does. Ryno was established 15 years ago in response to the influx of vehicle enthusiasts seeking tailored insurance for their rides. 

Greg Rynenberg promoting truck insurance at the Brisbane Truck Show in the early 1990s.

As the number of clients grew, so did the brand’s reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted brokerages in the enthusiast market. Now standing at over 5200 customers strong, Ryno continues to advocate for its customers’ needs to ensure they get the full extent of their cover.

Though Ryno’s framework was established on its passion for specialty cars, it is built on the foundation of its knowledge of the transport industry, particularly in the owner-driver market. 

In fact, it’s in the company’s DNA. Long before Ryno was even an idea, it was just its founder and namesake, Greg Rynenberg, and his passion for the owner-driver industry.

He recalls a time sitting in his garage-come-office, baking in the blistering heat of the Queensland summer and making call after call to trucking businesses to see how he could help. 

In the 1980s, there was high demand from transport owners, but with only a handful of companies offering services to help them secure insurance, Ryno stepped in to fill the gap. However, Ryno didn’t want to just be like any other brokerage. Rynenberg made it his mission to transform and simplify the insurance experience so customers don’t have to worry about getting lost in the process. 

Greg Rynenberg (second from left) and his dream team at the Brisbane Truck Show.

At Ryno, staff know what it’s like to have too much on your plate – that’s how its different from the rest. You’re exhausted from driving hours on end, you’re constantly pressed for time, and you have mouths at home that aren’t going to feed themselves. The last thing you want to worry about is insurance. You might even forget that you need insurance. It’s okay, Ryno gets it.

Owner-drivers are a rare breed these days and that comes with its own sets of challenges when looking for cover that ticks all the boxes. This is where Ryno can help. It’s been doing this for a while, so knows the drill. 

“We have been working with owner-drivers for nearly 40 years and we have developed a strong and deep understanding of all the pressures they face,” said Rynenberg, who is now CEO. 

“Owner-drivers are constantly under immense pressure to meet their deadlines and financial commitments and we use this knowledge to remove friction and barriers so that our clients have a seamless customer experience.”

So, if you’re worried about having to set aside an extra couple of hours of your day to sort your insurance, don’t worry. Ryno is here, and willtake care of that for you. 

Ryno knows that timewasters and fluffy promises aren’t your cuppa, and you especially don’t appreciate being given the run around, and neither do we. 

Ryno prides itself on being a team who is friendly, who delivers what it promises, and who stands as the voice of its owner-driver clients in this complex world of insurance.

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