Compliance action for two transport operators


Details of mass breaches from two separate transport companies in Tasmania and Victoria have recently come to light, with enforceable undertakings accepted by the NHVR.

The first of these relates to Zezt Pty Ltd. On July 1, 2020, a heavy vehicle operated by the company was weighed at the Forest Farm weighbridge on the Bass Highway, Tasmania.

It is alleged that the steer axle weighed 7920kg, a severe risk breach of 126.46% of the prescribed mass limit. This breached the allowed steer axle limit of 6500kg.

In August 2021 the NHVR accepted an undertaking of a total estimated cost of $23,430.

The tasks of the undertaking include:

  • Ensuring greater visibility of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and compliance of contractors through use of iPRO platform.
  • Undertaking CoR audits in line with planned schedule.
  • Implementing of CoR training for distribution centre leads.
  • Dissemination of information regarding the incident on 1 July 2020 and providing a case study.
  • Introduction of driver Load Declaration Sheet, addressing whether the vehicle has been loaded in a way so that it is evenly distributed in compliance with applicable mass requirements.
  • Regular review meetings with transport providers to monitor CoR compliance.
  • All correspondence regarding transportation of products are now made via email instead of by phone to record actual requests made by Zezt to its transport providers.

Also, in July, the NHVR accepted an undertaking from Boss Logging Pty Ltd for an alleged breach in on April 3, 2020, where a heavy vehicle operated by the company was weighed in Dargo.

It is alleged that, at the time, the steer axle weighed 7000kg, a mass breach of 107.69 per cent, breaching the allowed limit of 6500kg.

The drive axle mass group weighed 28,350kg, an overload of 171.82%, a severe mass breach over the statutory limit of 16,500kg.

Additionally, the load restraint fitted to the combination that was restraining the excavator, failed to meet the guidelines.

The total estimated cost of this undertaking is $45,626, with tasks including:

  • Delivery of a Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training course.
  • Delivery of a CoR training course, for all management.
  • Delivery of a load restraint training course.
  • Expert review of load restraint and mass management.
  • Assist in the development of a training and awareness program.
  • Host a heavy vehicle safety barbeque.
  • Produce a video to promote heavy vehicle safety in the community.

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