Australia Post grows electric fleet with eCanter

In expanding the electrification of its fleet, Australia Post will welcome 20 Fuso eCanter trucks from next month.

Australia Post is currently the largest electric vehicle operator in Australia, with a fleet of over 3000 electric vehicles already under its belt.

The eCanter is Australia’s first OEM all-electric truck, which produces zero emissions and virtually no noise; and Australia Post is the first local customer to take it on.

Six liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries mounted in the eCanter frame store 82.8kW/h of electricity (with 66kW/h of usable power) and feed a permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Power output is rated at 135kW and 390Nm of torque can be delivered the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed.

“With the significant growth in parcel volumes, more vehicles are required in our network,” said general manager – networks for Australia Post, James Dixon.

“It makes good sense to add electric vehicles as part of this requirement. Not only will these eCanters fit our needs in this delivery category, but they will also contribute to our science-based target to reduce emissions by 15 per cent by 2025 from a FY19 baseline.”

The new eCanters will operate across the Australia Post and StarTrack businesses in major capital cities in two body configurations and will be supported by the Daimler Trucks network.

“Since working with Daimler Trucks on the pre-production eCanter, we have been keen to have the truck in our fleet. Daimler Trucks is a good choice for Australia Post in the fleet space with a large network and focus on safety,” Dixon added.

The eCanter is equipped with many safety inclusions, such as advanced pedestrian-sensing emergency braking technology, a collision mitigation system, lane departure warning and an Electronic Stability Program.

Daimler Truck and Bus President and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, says Australia Post is the perfect first Australian customer for the eCanter.

“Daimler is thrilled to partner with such an iconic brand as Australia Post on a journey towards carbon neutral freight transportation in Australia,” Whitehead said.

“The Fuso eCanter’s active safety features, zero local emissions and near-silent operation make it perfect for parcel and letter deliveries in the city and the suburbs.”

Fuso Truck and Bus Australia Director, Alex Müller, applauded Australia Post for its electric mobility leadership. “Australia Post is setting a great example with deployment of the eCanter, demonstrating that you can get the job done in a sustainable way,” he said.

“The eCanter is a vital proposition for any company that is serious about reducing emissions.”

The eCanter, which has a Gross Vehicle Mass of 7.5 tonnes, became the world’s first small series electric production truck in 2017.

It has been the subject of a rigorous testing regime around the world, including a six-month Australian test running with a maximum load, in addition to real world driving in overseas markets.

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