Open letter: Our truck drivers will be ostracised next


Dear All,

There is currently a frenzied campaign being undertaken to breed fear of the un-vaccinated.

The vaccinated are being persuaded into fearing them because of ‘reasons’ that they ‘likely’ carry the virus. Even Gladys [Berejiklian] said she fears siting in a restaurant with an un-vaccinated.

Irrespective of any good intention, using fear is an insidious persuasion tool, and is highly likely blow out of proportion when the will of the mob takes over.

The fear cemented in the mob won’t taper when the government chooses. They’ll come to fear all carriers of the virus – they will target outsiders – they will target truck drivers.

Whether vaccinated or not, they’ll say: “You’ve likely got it, you’re putting our communities at risk.” They’ll shut them out on their own terms, the government will lose control of the lockouts.

Our drivers will remain locked down, they will be banned from hospitality, and face discrimination with medical access.

I’m no epidemiologist, but I’ve heard countless times that the vaccines work. The science says they work. The science says that the vaccine protects us from serious symptoms.

Anyone that looks to put fear into a vaccinated person is a science denier and should be called out on it.

If the climate of fear doesn’t cool down, our truckies will be next. While I’d be more than happy to talk about this publicly, my business would likely be targeted by the authorities, I’d have Covid inspections on all sites, and likely be shut down in no time.

I appreciate some may not agree with me and I greatly appreciate the great job you’ve all done in helping us through this troubled time.

I know there’s a massive job people have doing in keeping facilities open and such.  I think the problem that’s looming is greater than what we’ve seen.

Up till now, it’s largely the government making the rules, but I think the next phase will be the mob taking it into their own hands.

I’d feel a lot better if you can convince me why I have it wrong. But, in the refrigerated interstate trucking space, we’re seeing a world of trouble out there, and I think it’s going to get a lot worse.

I think we need voices in the media calming the rhetoric down.

Anyone that’s stoking fear of Covid into a vaccinated person is a science denier and should be called out on it.

  • Name withheld

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