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Multifunction OEX LED model lights up industry

With a pedigree of excellence spanning 20 years, one of Australia’s most trusted brands, OEX, is back with their newest lighting range, suiting transport, trucking, and emergency vehicles.

These self-contained, powerful LED work lights stand out amongst the rest as they provide intense directional light, while also incorporate an amber warning light, allowing a hazard warning to other road users, whilst providing a well-lit environment for the task at hand.

Marin Price, senior lighting product manager for OEX, says it’s an exciting time for OEX as this is a unique and innovative product with demand from a range of industries.

“The closest thing you see in the Australian market are agriculture headlights with indicators, however nothing that can function as both a work light and warning light with the ability to be synced,” said Price.

To further enhance the hazard warning environment, up to eight lights can be connected to synchronise the flash pattern effect.

Each light can be individually selected to be in sync or in anti-sync to provide a ‘wig-wag’ effect, giving users the flexibility for any situation.

Each work light houses six high-powered LEDS, giving you 1500 lumens of power, are capable of operating in both 12 and 24V vehicles and are available in 10° spot (ACX5586) and 25° flood beams (ACX5587).

The integrated amber warning lights are powered by two LEDS and are SAE Class 1 compliant, with three selectable flash patterns and a steady burn option. Housed in an all-in-one compact, reliable robust fitting, the lights boast an IP69 environment rating and are EMC compatible. 

Luke Bolton, lighting merchandise manager, says that these lights will give users great flexibility no matter what environment they’re in. 

“With the spot and flood options, these lights are able to suit many situations. Truck drivers can put them on the top of their cab for greater visibility, and as they’re also ECE R23 compliant they can mount them in a fixed position at the back, so drivers also have hazard lighting but also great visibility when reversing,” said Bolton.

Be assured you can count on OEX for high quality, reliable products to get the job done. 

See your local NAPA Auto Parts team for more information about OEX products, or log on to for OEX product releases.

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