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DSE Trucks looks after owner-drivers

With so many stories about owner-drivers being taken advantage of or underpaid, it was a pleasure to be introduced to Sanjeewa Illangantilake from Stanhope Gardens in NSW. 

Illangantilake is the proud owner operator of a four tonne tautliner, and since the beginning of the year he’s been driving with a smile for DSE Trucks. 

DSE Trucks is an Australian provider of dedicated trucks, that makes a conscious effort to really look after its drivers.

The ‘DSE’ stands for ‘delivering service excellence’, and you only have to take one look at Illangantilake to see that he is very much inspired by that motto. You can see it in the proud look on his face and in his immaculate truck.

Since joining DSE Trucks earlier this year, Sanjeewa Illangantilake couldn’t be happier.

So how did Illangantilake score his dream job at DSE? “Becoming an owner-driver in the trucking industry was a complete career change for me,” he said. “After many years working in the telecommunications industry, with so much pressure from above and the ever-increasing demands for unreasonable speed and cost-efficiencies, I needed a change. I wanted more independence in my profession, and I wanted to have my own business.”     

Illangantilake’s determination and diligence saw a fast, successful transition to a truck owner-driver and, as soon as he had the keys to his treasured new four tonne tautliner in his hands, the next step in his new career journey was all about finding the right company to work for.

“When I saw that DSE were hiring, they sounded to me like they would be a great company to work for. They seemed to have a genuine commitment and respect for their drivers. So, I thought I should try them out and see if all these promises were true,” Illangantilake explained.

He started with DSE at the beginning of this year and he’s still there and still happy – were all the promises from DSE true? “Absolutely,” Illangantilake said. “DSE really does deliver on its commitment to its drivers. They are professional but really friendly, and really helpful too, such a joy to work with. And I have to say, the regular weekly pay is a big bonus.”

But what is it exactly that makes DSE such a joy to work for? “In addition to their top-shelf professionalism and driver support, DSE gives me great hours to suit my family lifestyle, including weekends when I want it, regular runs with regular customers, they pay fast, and they are completely Covid-safe top to tail. What more could an owner-driver want?” explained Illangantilake.

With the word on the street being that DSE Trucks is hiring again, if you’re an owner-driver, Illangantilake has some advice, “Get your application in today, don’t wait and risk missing out – you just won’t find a better company than DSE Trucks.”

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