Toll Global Express workers push for strikes


Fearful of their job security under new owners Allegro Funds, workers at Toll Global Express have today applied to the Fair Work Commission for the right to vote on strike action.

During negotiations, the union says the Christine Holgate-led Global Express management refused to take steps to prevent work being contracted out to the lowest bidder.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said Global Express launched headfirst into strike territory, knowing an attack on job security would spark a push for industrial action.

“Global Express management can do all the welcome meetings they like, but workers who’ve been through months of turmoil over their futures need guarantees on paper, not empty words echoing around a truck yard,” said Kaine.

“After months of resistance, workers’ previous strike pressured Toll and Global Express to sign a deed of transfer committing that workers’ existing pay and conditions would be honoured by their new management.

“While this was an 11th hour relief for workers, it should not take rolling strikes to achieve fair outcomes at a major operator transporting goods for retailers raking in record multibillion dollar profits like Amazon.”

On September 1, Toll Express transferred to Global Express, now owned by Allegro Funds.

The TWU says it is now bargaining separately with the remaining Toll business and Global Express.

The protected action ballot application comes as up to 3000 FedEx workers walked off the job for 24 hours after crisis talks broke down last week.

Toll Global Express has been approached for comment.

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