Helping truckies to keep the wheels turning

As someone whose day-to-day tasks are longer than five dog trailers put together, having a good support team can make a world of difference.

Like drivers who don’t speed up to overtake the moment you flick that indicator, or shippers and receivers who adhere to time that doesn’t eat into your driving hours – it’s good to have people who are in sync with you so you can focus on doing your part in getting the job done.

Ideally, you’d like to have this applied in other areas too. Insurance, for instance. You know you need it, but what’s to love about being overwhelmed by the variety of choices that are out there?

Considerations like which insurer you should go with, cost versus cover, business insurance inclusion and so on. We know we can’t do your job for you, but we can take the load off where it matters. 

It can be a lonely journey on the road, but it doesn’t have to be like that when you’re looking to get covered.

Ryno has been around for 15 years but our ties with truckies go back almost four decades. Safe to say we have a deep-rooted understanding of the owner driver industry and the demands that come with running your own business.

To us, our truckies are like family, and when it comes to family, we give a little extra care. Your business becomes our business, and the insurance package that we present to you is carefully put together to ensure it addresses the specific needs of your business. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter solution for our customers. After all, no two businesses are alike. 

Evans in action. Ryno ensures he can truck on with confidence with the appropriate cover.

There are many reasons why Ryno is different, and one that we pride ourselves on is that we fight for the best interests of our customers, not the insurer. It’s a trait that’s hard to come by these days especially when there are so many parties to please.

However, we know that there are already plenty of uncertainties when you’re out on the road that it’s good to know you have someone on the home front who will act on your behalf at a moment’s notice. As a family business, our top priority is our customers. Our team deals with each customer directly, so you’ll know our names and we’ll know yours. 

One of Ryno’s first few truckies to come on board is Frank Evans, a one-man show who tows trucks and trailers across Brisbane on his Kenworth T401. He had a bizarre encounter where someone climbed onto the front of his truck while he was stopped at a traffic light.

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, but you can imagine the numerous possibilities of how it could’ve ended badly. We’re sure there are wilder stories out there, but you catch our drift. In Evans’s case, should the unexpected happen, preventing him from continuing his journey, he can rest assured his business and livelihood are protected.

It’s industrious people like Evans that drives Ryno to do the very best we can for them. 

In his many years in the owner driver industry, Ryno’s founder and CEO, Greg Rynenberg, raves about his experience working with truckies.

“Truckies are a no-nonsense group of people who are hardworking, genuine and loyal. It’s a privilege to be part of their team where I can guide and help them through a maze of insurance options.”

And with this in mind, Ryno made sure it applied the no-frills approach to how it packages solutions for its customers and their businesses. 

Ryno is working towards big aspirations and one day, we hope to become Australia’s number one owner driver specialist. 

It’s all work-in-progress but looking at how we started and where we are now, we are confident that Ryno is well on the way. In the meantime, we’ll continue to be the voice for our truckies in navigating the world of insurance and will do what we can to help take some weight off their shoulders.

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