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The Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee (IRC) is proposing a new heavy vehicle drivers apprenticeship in response to industry’s call to professionalise the heavy vehicle driver occupation.

The apprenticeship aims to address driver shortages across Australia, create career pathways and ensure the safety of those working in the industry and all other road users.

It’s hoped that the creation of this apprenticeship will help mitigate some challenges, particularly in relation to the national heavy vehicle licensing system and the current utilisation of national traineeships.

The IRC believes, in the wake of the Covid experience that has shone a light on the vital role played by road transport in supporting the Australian economy, that now is the time to create a national truckie apprenticeship.

To have your say on the proposed scheme, that could be up and running as early as 2022, the IRC wants to hear your responses to the following seven questions.

1: Do you believe the development of Heavy Vehicle Driver Apprenticeship will assist in the professionalisation of the Truck Driving and/or the Road Transport industry through the apprenticeship model?

2: Do the two primary apprenticeship pathways outlined [in the proposal] capture the variations in the targeted cohorts or should other pathways be considered?

3: With consideration that apprenticeship funding incentives will not offset all costs, are there other financial concerns that need to be considered?

4: Are there implications for the removal of the traineeship? If so, what are they?

5: Would likely supervision requirements for apprentices impact your enterprise? If so, please describe how?

6: Could this apprenticeship model impact small to medium enterprises negatively? Are there options for addressing any disadvantage?

7: Are there any other major issues associated with this apprenticeship model not yet addressed in this paper? Please outline.

Just click here for more information on the above, and to submit your say before the submission deadline of October 15.

“The establishment of a national apprenticeship is by no means considered to be a total solution to all the workforce shortage and workforce cultural issues faced by the heavy vehicle industry,” said Mark McKenzie, chair of the Transport and Logistics IRC.

“This is a significant ‘first foundational step’ on the pathway to transforming the culture of the heavy vehicle industry to one that is considered to be more commensurate with the standing and significance of the industry within the broader Australian Economy.”

Paul Walsh, CEO of Australian Industry Standards, the organisation that supports the Transport and Logistics IRC, says the introduction of a national heavy vehicle driver apprenticeship would deliver considerable strategic and long-term workforce benefits to the industry.

“These benefits would, in turn, put the industry into a stronger position to meet the evolving future of work challenges that the industry will face in the years ahead,” said Walsh.

The Transport and Logistics IRC is also inviting you to join the chair and members of the IRC in an hour-long webinar on October 8 to discuss the merits and challenges of introducing the apprenticeship.

Click here to register before the deadline of October 6.

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