Police video: truckie and passenger fined $4135 at border


A truck driver has been charged after he was caught trying to sneak a woman over the border into Queensland.

The B-double was intercepted at the M1 vehicle checkpoint at Tugun around 7.30pm on Monday evening.

While speaking with the driver, an eagle-eyed officer spotted a woman hiding under a blanket in the back cab of the truck.

Both the truckie and his passenger were issued with infringement notices of $4135 for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s Directions.

The driver’s Freight Pass was also revoked, while proceedings were commenced for multiple other offences including Notices to Appear in court for drug driving, possessing dangerous drugs, failing to dispose of seven syringes.

Police say the man was also issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice for log book offences.

The man and woman were transported to the Griffiths St border crossing and given a direction to leave Queensland.

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