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Natrad HDS: specialists in heavy-duty cooling

Natrad Heavy Duty Specialist Group (HDS) is Australia’s largest national network of heavy transport, industrial and automotive heat exchange specialists.

The group is dedicated to addressing the special needs of large industrial customers and offers highly skilled and consistent service Australia-wide. With the ability to support on-highway and off-highway vehicles, earth-moving and mining applications, large transport vehicle fleets, agricultural machinery and large-scale power generators, Natrad HDS is the ideal choice to handle heavy-duty needs.  Natrad HDS workshops have all your cooling needs covered.

Natrad HDS workshops have all your cooling needs covered.


From clean-outs and repairs to recores and performance upgrades, Natrad HDS can advise the most cost-effective solution to fix your radiator problem. No job is too big or too small and they have the best knowledge in the industry. With access to Australia’s largest range of radiators and excellent customer service, Natrad HDS will get you back to work fast.


Don’t put up with a leaking intercooler. It’s a good way to lose engine performance and wasting money on fuel can really add up. Natrad HDS can replace or recore your damaged intercooler and restore your engine to its optimum performance.

EGR coolers

Natrad HDS has a range of quality EGR coolers to suit large trucks and equipment. It also has EGRs for light trucks and SUVs too. 

If it’s part of the cooling system, Natrad HDS can fix it.

Oil coolers

Whether it’s for the transmission or a hydraulic system, Natrad HDS can provide a cooling solution that meets your particular vehicle and operating environment. Choose from the range of high quality Dana Tru-Cool oil coolers or get a high-pressure Adrad alloy custom-built design.


For the perfect cooling solution in your heavy-duty equipment, the team of Natrad heavy duty technicians are able to carry out high quality fabrication and repairs for a range of equipment and parts. 

Cooling advice

As a cooling specialist,
NatRad HDS’s heavy-duty workshops have the knowledge and expertise to handle everything within the cooling system. From radiators, coolants, intercoolers, oil coolers, air conditioning and more, if something needs fixing or replacement, HDS has the know-how. 

For more information on what Natrad HDS can do for you, call 1800 437 723 or visit the website at

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