B-double ban at popular rest area in Helidon


From later this month all vehicles over 19 metres will no longer be permitted to enter the James Norman Hedges Park rest area in Helidon, near Toowoomba.

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) made the announcement in its heavy vehicle bulletin today.

Vehicles accessing the Livestock Inspection Centre at this intersection are exempt from these restrictions, adds TMR.

“This change improves safety for all road users. There is insufficient visibility and acceleration or deceleration lanes for heavy vehicles to make safe turns in or out of the rest area,” says the notice.

Signage and line marking will be installed to explain the restrictions and provide advance warning to drivers.

“The signed restrictions will be enforced by the Queensland Police Service.

“Please note, TMR plans to restrict right turn movements for all vehicles accessing the Warrego Highway at this intersection within the next five years.”

The bulletin reminds drivers that alternate eastbound rest areas are available at the BP service station in Gatton or at the Charlton heavy vehicle rest area.

To decouple, the TMR says drivers can use the Charlton facility or the newly constructed Gatton Heavy Vehicle Decoupling Facility.

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