Drones deployed to track truck movements in south


The NHVR has welcomed a partnership with sensor AI data specialists SenSen to deliver rapid deployable AI solutions using vehicle mounted cameras, drones and solar powered trailers.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the contract was the next step into delivering new and innovative ways to make Australian roads safer for everyone.

“It’s timely and important that we use innovative thinking to make our roads safer,” Petroccitto said.

“We’ve now taken the next step to trial mobile camera technology, across the NHVR’s Southern Operations region – including South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

“These cameras will assist the NHVR’s officers in a risk-based approach to safety – ensuring our officers are targeting the biggest road safety risks.

“On the flip side, smarter camera technology will also help in identifying operators who are doing the right thing, who can then expect to be less regularly intercepted by the NHVR.

“Having the best, most up-to-date information, including information gathered through cameras, helps us to make better decisions about law reform, safety and productivity programs that will make our roads safer for everyone.”

In a statement released to the ASX today, SenSen said the initial contract, commencing this month, was for one year with an option, exercisable by the regulator, to extend the contract for a further two years.

SenSen earns $387,000 in upfront fees and hardware, with a further $165,000 payable each year for software.

“Our ability to deliver highly relevant and accurate information on heavy vehicle movements through a combination of drone, trailer and vehicle-mounted solutions in an integrated fashion is an exciting new frontier,” said Dr Subhash Challa, SenSen CEO.

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