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Overcoming challenges

When Big Rigs saw driver Gerry Netter recently, he was on the lookout for accommodation.

“I have rented a room at a Townsville Hotel for the past five years and now it has been sold and there won’t be long-term accommodation anymore,” he said.

A former soldier, Netter has a Kia 1.2 tonne light truck which he purchased two years ago to become an owner operator.

“I do lots of odd jobs around town including pick-ups,” he said.

To add to his accommodation concern, Netter said the truck had broken down which made it more difficult to search for a new room.

Netter drove trucks for a decade but switched to concreting until he bought the Kia.

“I used to drive an International  tipper and also for another company,” he said.

Sydney-born Netter arrived in Townsville back in 1978 when he joined the army and he has been there ever since.

Netter said the Covid pandemic has resulted in work slowing down, so he’s always on the lookout for jobs.

The good news is that Netter managed to find accommodation and his truck was repaired.

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