Introducing the ultimate ‘Cockpit Shield’

AutoKlene has introduced its new-to-market Snake Skin Vehicle ‘Cockpit Shield’ range, encased in vibrant packaging and a choice of fragrances to suit all tastes.  

So what are its primary benefits? 

The Snake Skin Cockpit Shield protects vehicle interiors against extreme heat and harmful UV, helping to prevent cracking and discolouration. It also kills bacteria on contact.  

Formulated and manufactured in Australia, this ultimate protector dramatically improves the look and feel of vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather. 

The 300g aerosol also makes for simple cleaning of hard-to-reach areas like inside air vents, door pockets and switchgear. 

Interior surfaces are left with a non-greasy, anti-static and anti-bacterial shield, perfect for these Covid times.

Snake Skin restores that brand new appearance that looks great, smells amazing and repels dirt and dust. 

To celebrate the launch of Snake Skin, receive a free corresponding Snake Skin air freshener with each can purchased. 

Select from the range of four awesome fragrances:

• Black Mamba – Ice fragrance

• Taipan – Watermelon fragrance

• Venom – Vanilla fragrance

• Copperhead – New car fragrance

And as you’d expect, application is a piece of cake too. A simple shake of the can, then evenly spray over the area you’re wating to be protect. Wipe over evenly with a clean dry microfibre cloth. 

For more information on Snake Skin, please visit the website at snakeskin.com.au.

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