Dedicated freight lane opens into Queensland


Finally, some common sense has prevailed at the Queensland border.

From 5am (AEST) on Tuesday, October 26, freight and logistics operators will be directed to use a dedicated freight lane when accessing the Gold Coast border checkpoint.
Freight and logistics operators will exit the M1 onto the Gold Coast Highway and remain in the left lane.

All other vehicles will merge into the right lane, the TMR’s heavy vehicles unit advises in its latest industry update today.

The speed limit will be reduced to 40km/h to allow all vehicles to safely change lanes and get into correct positions.

Big Rigs has fielded numerous calls from frustrated truckies experiencing delays at this chokepoint.

Interstate truckie Sonja White told us she’d been held up for more than 45 minutes here on more than one occassion, at one point still queued up on the M1.

White still believes a better system would be to divert the cars off at the Gold Coast Highway and let trucks continue on the M1.

“We’ve got to think about our fatigue and logbook, but they don’t give two hoots about that.”

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