Clutch defect sparks Western Star Constellation recall

Penske Australia has issued a recall notice for Western Star Constellation models 2017-18 over concerns that an internal clutch component may be outside specification and fail, which could cause this clutch component to inhibit clutch departure.

“In the event of a clutch component inhibiting clutch departure, transmission of enough driveline torque to overcome the parking brakes while the vehicle is idling in neutral may occur and cause unintended vehicle motion, increasing the risk of personal injury or death, property damage or crash,” said the notice issued today.

Affected owners – there are 48 units impacted – should contact an authorised Western Star Dealership who will inspect the clutch and replace if necessary, free of charge.

For more details on the VINs affected, click here.

For more information, phone 07 3271 7777 (Penske Australia), email, or visit an external website.

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