Truck driver jailed after attempting to traffick $2.6m in drugs


Gold Coast-based Bradley Kilgour told police he was hoping to fund his truck business by transporting $2.6 million of cannabis from Melbourne, reports The Herald Sun.

Authorities uncovered more than 134kg in Kilgour’s truck in January this year when he was stopped in the Melbourne suburb of Keilor East after picking up the drugs from an alleged co-offender, the Melbourne County Court heard.

The 54-year-old father from Nerang on the Gold Coast was sentenced to a minimum of 14 months behind bars earlier this month after pleading guilty to one charge of trafficking a commercial quantity of a drug on dependence.

Kilgour, a self-employed truck driver, travelled south in his truck carrying 18 plastic chemical storage tanks including four which were empty.

On the morning when he was stopped by police, Kilgour was met by his co-offender who is alleged to have loaded eight cardboard boxes onto the truck from his nearby van and put them into the trailer.

Police arrived shortly after the co-offender departed and Kilgour told police he had picked up boxes but didn’t know what was in them.

He also told police he first became involved in the drug trade when he was approached by two men at a service station on the Gold Coast.

Judge Marcus Dempsey said Kilgour led an “industrious and honourable life” before the offending.

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