Getting back to a new normal

Now that lockdowns are over, hopefully we can get back to having our borders open and life can get back to as normal as possible. 

It is going to take an exceptionally long time for the economy to recover and unborn babies will be paying off the national debt, but we must make a start.

Unfortunately, many businesses will never reopen especially in Melbourne where the lockdowns have been long and arduous. 

The effect on the whole of the supply chain has been comprehensive and the extra restrictions on interstate trucking companies has taken its toll on management and drivers. Some companies will be able to breathe a little easier depending on the border restrictions of Queensland and WA.

The mandatory vaccination rules for so many workers are another instance of a restriction of our rights and our right to choose, if those who elect not to have the vaccination lose their jobs, we are going to face an even bigger economic issue. 

As I have said before, I am neither pro, nor anti-vax, but I do think that everyone should have the right to choose. Many people are being forced into getting vaccinated as we want to resume as normal a life as possible. 

I had no intention of having the vaccination until it became apparent that I would not be able to travel, visit my mother, or go to a restaurant unless I did so. So, I became one of the sheep so we could get out of lockdown, and I could leave the house. 

It is difficult sometimes to understand how we have accepted that under this regime the government will now know our every move, where we eat, where we get our coffee, our hair cut, and the list goes on, and yet not too many years ago we resoundingly rejected the Australia Card. 

Of course, one of the hardest hit industries has been the hospitality industry and Transport Women Australia Limited is going to do its best to help them get back to work with its end of year functions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Wollongong with a couple of regional venues to be confirmed. Invitations will be out soon, but the dates are on our social media pages. 

Our Driving the Difference scholarships are still open, but applications close soon; our Instagram competition is ongoing with the final winner to be awarded a $100 gift card. 

We have renewed interest in our Women Driving Transport Careers now that training can resume, our Creating Connections Mentoring Programme is available to all members, our Learning Initiatives Breakfasts will recommence on 2022 after the long Covid induced break and of course, we have our long-awaited Driving the Difference Conference to look forward to in June 2022. 

If you have any queries about any of the Transport Women Australia Limited initiatives or would like to apply for the scholarships, please email chair@transportwomen.com.au, or phone 0417422319.

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