New pathology collection box for truckies at Gatton Hospital

Gatton Hospital in Queensland has answered the call from industry to help them meet Covid testing requirements by installing a new pathology collection box for truckies.

Truck drivers who cross the Queensland border are required to return a negative PCR test result every seven days, which was causing delays each weekend when some clinics and laboratories were closed.

Now, drivers can put their self-testing swabs into the box and get their results sooner, said in a statement.

West Moreton Health COVID-19 Executive Lead Matthew Tallis said the trucking industry had asked the health service to help truckies meet their requirements without the downtime.

“We have been working with Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP), who have agreed to do the analysis on weekends,” Tallis said.

“We could not provide services like this to Gatton’s large trucking community without this wonderful support from our partners.

“This careful planning also means more truck deliveries can be made in the busy lead-up to Christmas.”

The Pathology Collection Box is located at the entrance to the loading dock doors at Gatton Hospital. Smaller trucks can drive in via William St, and exit via Hill St, however the road is too narrow for large trucks to turn.

Gatton Hospital staff wear appropriate PPE when collecting and safely packaging the swabs for couriers.

Couriers will collect the swabs at 1.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The service began over the weekend.

Tests that arrive in the box after this time on Sundays will be collected by Gatton Hospital staff and sent to SNP along with weekday tests.

Drivers can contact the Gatton Hospital Emergency Department on (07) 5468 4139 with any questions.

Information on the freight movement protocol for drivers entering Queensland is available here.

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