A win for truckies with shower mould issue addressed at busy servo

WA Senator Glenn Sterle has had another win for truckies as he continues to campaign for better conditions and cleaner amenities at rest areas and truck stops.

After posting a photo to his Facebook page that showed the atrocious condition of the shower for truck drivers at the Puma service station in Cardwell, North Queensland, the servo took less than 24 hours to respond with a solution.

The photo was sent to Sterle by a truck driver.

In his post, Sterle wrote, “To see the shower in this sort of condition, in 2021, is extremely disappointing. Especially when you consider how much money gets spent on fuel and food etc at that site everyday.

“Our truckies deserve a lot better than this!

“As part of my continued campaign to clean up roadhouses for our truckies, I have been in touch with Puma today who have told me they will get the relevant area manager to contact me as early as possible.”

The next morning, Sterle was contacted by the service station’s area manager, who he says acknowledged that these conditions were not up to standard.

In a follow up post on Facebook, Sterle wrote, “He said that this issue has been addressed directly with the site manager and management have raised jobs with their maintenance team who will visit the site next week to have the shower pressure cleaned. They will also look at any plumbing issues with the showers as well. The site manager has been asked to keep pressure cleaning the shower weekly on top of the normal cleaning routine until they get the issues relating to mould resolved.”

Following Sterle’s initial Facebook post about the issue, the shower was pressure cleaned.

The area manager sent Sterle a photo of the shower after it was cleaned, which shows a huge improvement from the previous image.

Sterle also thanked Chevron/Puma management for addressing the issue and working to get it rectified so quickly. He described it as “a terrific outcome for the truck drivers and other road users who use this site.”

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