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Quadruple the fun for North Queensland truckie

Burdekin-based truckie Raymond Finn was driving a late model Volvo towing four trailers and carrying molasses when Big Rigs caught up with him.

The 50-year-old Finn lives at Ayr and works for Griggs Haulage with its home base at Giru which is 40km north heading towards Townsville.

“I have to take this to Mount Surprise and we are doing a lot of molasses haulage at the present time,” Finn said.

His nightmare road to travel on is between Hughenden and Richmond on the Flinders Highway.

“But it is bad at places all the way to Cloncurry,” he said.

A truckie for 20 years, Finn enjoys fishing when he manages to jag time off.

There are plenty of creeks and rivers around where he lives which abound with fish and mud crabs.

“I do okay at the Haughton River and Alligator Creek and get some grunter and crabs, I have a few secret spots as well,” he said.

Ironically Finn was “hooking” up another trailer and he rates the Volvo highly.

Like many other Burdekinites he barracks for the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL.

Finn said that Griggs was a great company to work for and he reckons drivers could do with more suitable rest areas.

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