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Don’t drive blind again

SPOTTO’s radar technology monitors your truck’s blind spots to reduce risk and help prevent collisions. 

Truck blind spots, and the drivers that are not aware of them, are the cause of hundreds of collisions every year. 

We know the scenario – you notice a car sneak up on the left hand side of your truck. It hangs around in your blind spot, totally oblivious to the fact that you now can’t see it. 

You’re left guessing and frustrated knowing that it could be a potentially fatal outcome if you need to change lanes or merge. 

It’s an added stress on you, as a driver, that you just don’t need. 

There’s now technology that will help ease that stress. The SPOTTO Blind Spot Monitoring System has been purpose-built to specifically address the issue of blind spots around trucks and the associated risks. SPOTTO was designed and developed in Australia, for trucks operating in local conditions. 

It’s smart, tough and universal – compatible with all truck makes and models.

The system consists of a high-frequency radar unit, mounted to the side of the truck. 

And the Blind Spot Indicator fitted to the A-pillar inside the cabin – strategically placed to be visible when checking the side mirror. When SPOTTO detects an object, the Blind Spot Indicator will illuminate, and remain illuminated as long as the object remains in the system’s detection zone. 

If the vehicle’s turn signal is activated, the Blind Spot Indicator will flash and issue an audible alert, warning the driver of a potential collision. 

At driving speeds above 30km/h, SPOTTO scans an area 3m x 12m, into the adjacent lane and alongside the truck, extending forward of the cabin. It is especially beneficial to bonneted trucks.

The system uses smart algorithms to differentiate between moving and stationary objects, and will ignore unwanted objects like guard rails, barriers and parked cars, minimising false alerts. 

At speeds below 30km/h, the detection zone reduces to 1.5m x 3m and will monitor all objects, both stationary and moving, including pedestrians and cyclists. This function is particularly beneficial when turning at intersections or maneuvering in the yard where these vulnerable road users may not be seen.

The system is configurable and customisable. It can be fitted to either the left or right hand side of the truck. Or two systems can be combined, one on either side of the truck, for complete peace-of-mind. 

Supplied as a kit, with all mounting and installation components in the box, the system includes full installation instructions and can easily be installed by any competent person in just a few hours. 

SPOTTO is manufactured and distributed by Australian company FleetSafe and available for purchase directly via the SPOTTO website or through a national network of resellers, who can provide supply and installation services. 

Go to and never drive blind again. 

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