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Meritor red brake drum range is expanding

All good things come in threes, hence why Meritor have expanded their brake drum product offering by introducing a further two new sizes – 5” Steer (MBD136L) and 8.62” Trailer (MBD282L) which will complement the existing 7” Drive (MBD190L). 

MBD136L & MBD282L also recognisable by the distinctive red colour, was chosen by the global braking leader to differentiate their new aftermarket drum offering in a crowded marketplace with unknown and often dubious levels of quality. 

The Meritor red paint (Meritor’s signature bull logo is also red) indicates that the product has passed Meritor’s stringent product approval process. In this case that process included rigorous testing in the same Dyno laboratory that validates Meritor’s original equipment. 

The tests confirmed compliance with the US government’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 121 mandate for reduced stopping distance requirements. 

Final approval to release the new drum range came only after further evaluation by Meritor Australia’s local Engineering team so customers in Australia and New Zealand can have peace of mind that they are fitting a quality product suitable for their needs. 

MBD136L, (16.5” x 5” brake size) suits many truck applications and is commonly used on American make steer axles, whilst the MBD282L, (16.5” x 8.62” brake size) suits many trailer applications found in the Australian market. 

Both these steel shell drums use a manufacturing process similar to that which Meritor pioneered with its X30 original equipment drum and which encapsulates the iron friction surface in a single piece steel. 

The result is in an extremely lightweight drum with uncompromised strength and durability. Additionally, a weight reduction of up to 20 per cent when compared to standard cast drums provides key benefits for customers with:

• Increased payload capacity

• Reduced fuel consumption

MBD136L & MBD282L are also machine balanced eliminating the need for balance weights and this, combined with no weld seam due to the single piece design, delivers superior concentricity and better road handling specifically with the person behind the wheel in mind.  All three drums in the extended range also come with Meritor’s 1-year unlimited kilometre warranty. 

“We are proud to expand on the success of MBD190L and introduce a further two sizes to the range, offering the truck and trailer aftermarket a quality product at an affordable price” said Patrick Jose, Product Manager, Meritor Australia. “Very soon we will also be releasing a range of red brake chambers to further expand our red portfolio”

Meritor’s experienced customer service and technical support teams are based in Australia and backed up by local DriveForce field representatives giving customers some of the most extensive support in the industry. 

For further information please contact your local Meritor representative or visit

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