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Triples, quads and anything in between

By the age of 12, Nathan Brock was already driving trucks around the family farm – so it’s probably no surprise that he ended up taking that career path.

Originally from New Zealand, 33-year-old Brock moved to Western Australia in 2009.

“My dad always had tractors and trucks and once I was old enough, he paid for me to get my truck licence. I was driving trucks in New Zealand for three years and then continued when I came here,” Brock said.

He has worked for Bruce Avery Transport for almost three years, based at the Perth site. The company also has depots in Newman and Darwin.

Brock drives a 2007 Kenworth T904, which he’s been behind the wheel of for about 18 months.

As he explains, his work can be quite varied. Though it’s usually triple road trains, it can be double oversize road trains and quads too. “I do a lot of bulk dangerous goods, like ammonium nitrate, as well as general freight like structural steel – anything that goes, I take,” he said.

“My main run is into the Pilbara. Everything I cart into the Pilbara is to do with mining, but I do also go into the Kimberley. It’s not very often that I head into the Northern Territory – my last run there was into the Granites gold mine in the Tanami.

“That was my first trip down the Tanami Track and it’s definitely an experience. It’s a real eye-opener as to how remote and how badly maintained a road can be.”

Brock names Nullagine as one of his favourite places to visit. “Karijini is up there too, especially during the wet season,” he added.

While being away from family so often can be tough, Brock says one of the things he enjoys most about the job is the comradery out on the road and the boys he gets to work with. “The scenery and the remoteness is a bonus too, and the places I get to go – the sort of stuff you wouldn’t normally get to see – I just enjoy everything about it to be honest.”

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