White Hill Truckers Memorial Day remembers lives lost

A convoy and memorial service held at the White Hill Truck Drivers Memorial in South Australia over the weekend paid tribute to drivers who have lost their lives.

After having to cancel the event last year due to Covid restrictions, both the convoy and service were able to go ahead on Saturday November 6, albeit without the family fun day or show and shine that usually takes place at Sturt Reserve.

Around 30 trucks joined in the convoy, which left from BP Wingfield and made its way to the White Hill parking bay for the memorial service.

“Covid buggered things up a bit last year so we couldn’t have the memorial day. It meant a lot that we were able to run it this year. There were 11 names added to the wall and most of the families were there too. We raised the flags and the trucks blew their horns during the service,” said semi-retired interstate truckie Keith Wood, who founded the White Hill Truck Drivers Memorial Wall.

“I designed and built the wall. It came about because my father and brother-in-law have their names on The Australian Truck Drivers Memorial Wall in Tarcutta in NSW and it’s a fair way to go across all that way. We wanted to bring something locally in South Australia and a have place close by for all of the families.”

The wall that Wood designed was built with the help of volunteers and donations and officially opened on November 23, 2013.

Wood says around 150 people were present at the service, including SES, which continues to show its support for the event.

Next year, the White Hill Truckers Memorial Day will celebrate its 10th anniversary and it’s hoped that the truck show component as well as a special dinner can run as planned.

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