NHVR releases updates on long vehicle signage and agricultural eligibility

Recent regulatory advice concerning long vehicle signage and agricultural vehicle eligibility has been published by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

In its latest issue of the fortnightly newsletter On the Road, the NHVR reminds operators of long vehicles, or road trains to ensure they have fitted their vehicles with the correct signage whilst travelling.

The requirements were simplified in 2019, with a transitional arrangement for these changes ending on December 9 this year.

Combinations of 22-30 metres will now require a ‘Long Vehicle’ sign fitted to the back of the vehicle, while combinations of 30-plus metres long will require a ‘Road Train’ sign fitted to the front and back of the vehicle.

Operators should also be aware of the conditions of their vehicle’s access approval and continue to observe the road rules and speed limits set out in each jurisdiction.

More details on signage requirements can be found here.

The NHVR have release new advice concerning agricultural vehicle eligibility

The NHVR is also urging primary producers and contractors to monitor agricultural eligibility in the interests of making heavy vehicle safety a priority whilst the grain harvest season is in full swing in many parts of Australia.

Following questions from operators, the NHVR recently released advice that a comb mounted on a frame (trailer) designed and built for that dedicated purpose, is in fact eligible as an agricultural vehicle.

This allows the vehicle to operate as part of an agricultural combination under the National Agricultural Vehicle Notice, subject to meeting all other applicable notice conditions.

Combs carried on a flatbed or low loader – or other types of trailers designed for general transportation work – are not considered ‘agricultural vehicles’ under the HVNL and cannot operate under the National Agricultural Vehicle Notice.

For more information on the National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice Operator’s Guide click here.

To learn more about heavy vehicle safety this grain harvest season go here.

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