HVIA announces Safety Innovation Award winners

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport, Scott Buchholz acknowledged the Australian heavy vehicle industry at the Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) National Awards, today in Brisbane.

Buchholz announced the HVIA’s Safety Innovation Award winner alongside HVIA CEO, Todd Hacking.

Mass Products’ Road Pod truck loading system received the ‘Highly Commended’ award, with DriveRisk Australasia receiving top honours for their drive cam and risk detection system.

“I congratulate this year’s winners in the Safety Innovation Award category and I am very pleased to see the HVIA have two categories of awards, the Highly Commended and the Safety Innovation award, at this year’s presentation,” said Buchholz.

Mr Buchholz said the HVIA awards were a celebration of the heavy vehicle industry as a driver of our regional economies, including in innovation and transport.

“All of you in this room today are hard-working members of an industry that is critical to the nation, but critical to the economy and especially those regional economies reliant on mining and agriculture.

It is the business owners, apprentices, managers and drivers, many in this room who excel in providing transport solutions, driving innovation and safety improvements that is making the transport sector more productive and profitable and our roads safer.”

The HVIA awards are open to HVIA member companies and their employees, across Australia. Full details of each award can be found HERE.

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