Bobtail steals show at year 12 formal

Not everyone arrives in a custom truck for their year 12 formal, but with a little help from his father and KS Easter Transport, Blake Graham was the envy of his year group at Burnside State High School near Nambour in Queensland last Wednesday.

Blake’s father, Niell Graham (who works at KS Easter Transport where the truck is housed), said Blake needed little convincing when he put the idea to him.

“Blake wanted a car to make a statement like a Mustang or a Camaro, but I said everyone goes for that thing. I said I know of this truck. Do you want me to ask if I can have it?” said Niell.

“Blake said to go for it, so the boss just asked when I needed it so they could drag it out and give it a wash and a polish.”

Owned by KS Easter Transport in Wacol, Queensland, the 2015 Volvo FH16 XL Globetrotter has a unique airbrush design, which features a fire-breathing Pegasus and dragon motif that is usually only wheeled out for special events.

“I started with KS Easter about eighteen months ago now and I saw it sitting in the shed. They were very careful about who they put in it because of the paint job, but I got to drive it for a night,” said Niell.

Blake sent a message to his school mates prior to arriving at the formal and was literally inundated with questions about when he would arrive to ensure that nobody would miss his big entrance.

As they were nearing the formal venue the crowd began cheering, so Niell let his wife, Tammy out so she could film Neill and Blake arriving.

“Everyone was clapping and cheering and going off,” said Blake.

“On the way heaps of people were looking at it, doing double takes.”

Whilst the big night was privy to a handful of Toranas and a stretched limo, it was the truck that stole the show while everyone else simply got dropped off in their cars and headed off.

“It was a really cool vehicle to take to a formal,” said Blake.

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