Scania V8-powered R-series prime mover arrives early


Scania’s newest flagship, the V8-powered R-series prime mover has arrived in Australia, 12 months ahead of expectation.

The initial arrival will be used as a company demonstrator, but the order books for the 770hp are now open, announced Scania in a media release today.

“We often say ‘You’re never late in a V8’, but this time we’ve outdone ourselves, bringing the 770hp variant to Australia a good 12 months ahead of the rest of the revamped V8 family, and ahead of our target,” said Dean Dal Santo, Scania Australia’s director of truck sales.

“We’re very excited to be able to open our order books for the 770 for delivery during the second half of 2022.

“The 770 is the absolute pinnacle of Scania V8 performance and efficiency, together with low emissions and so it is easy to understand why we are so pleased to have it here so early.”

Scania anticipates an improvement of two per cent in fuel efficiency compared with the 730.

Dal Santo said the new 770hp 16.4-litre V8 resets the benchmark for on-road power output and its 3700Nm of torque, available  from 1000-1450 rpm, makes it the ideal truck for drivers who need the ultimate performance for heavy loads.

“The Scania V8 range was unveiled in updated and improved form late last year in Europe and this R 770 is the first of the new breed to arrive in Australia. We will bring other variants to the market during 2022, but we’re leading from the front with the 770,” he said.

“We launched its predecessor, the R 730, in Australia in 2011, and it has been a very successful brand icon for Scania over the past decade, with many examples covering huge distances and pulling immense loads.

“All of their drivers have one thing in common though, it’s the look on their face, especially while climbing the biggest hills.

“Now we are raising the performance bar still higher, and have refined and improved the technology which allows the increases in outputs. The Scania R 770 will deliver all that the R 730 did and more, and will retain and improve on the fuel efficiency so admired of all Scania V8 diesel engines.”

Dal Santo anticipates an improvement of two per cent in fuel efficiency compared with the 730, despite the increase in output, assisted in part by a new 3.07 rear axle ratio, and also by a significant 75kg saving in weight, over the steer.

“For the 770 we have re-engineered the exhaust emissions process to be able to achieve Euro 6D without exhaust gas recirculation, relying solely on SCR.”

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