Craig Arthur Transport undergoes restructure

Long-time SA operator Craig Arthur Transport is reluctantly pegging back the scale of its operation over the next few weeks.

Director Craig Arthur, who employs more than 100 staff from his Adelaide HQ, and boasts a fleet of 30 trucks and 60 trailers, told Big Rigs he’s not sure yet just how the restructure will look.

But he confirmed to Big Rigs today that employees are either actively looking for other roles, or being assisted with finding new jobs.

“I am talking to a number of transport owners about the change in our operations and suggesting current staff would make fantastic employees,” Arthur wrote to his team in a letter now widely circulated on industry social media outlets.

“I am hopeful all staff will take up any opportunities that arise over the next six weeks.

“The termination date for employees will vary, however I can confirm the final date of operations for those staff not terminated earlier will be December 22, 2021.”

Arthur, 53, said that it is with a “heavy heart” that he is taking this position after 37 years in the transport industry.

“For us to keep going [under the current company structure] we’d have to expand, and I don’t want to do that,” he told Big Rigs.

Arthur said a number of factors had combined over the last couple of years to bring him to this difficult decision, including the impacts of Covid-19 on the industry.

But he said he was also looking for a better work-life balance that a smaller operation would bring.

“We’re just re-evaluating how we do things; how we’re set up, but we’re definitely not closing down.”

In addition to transport services, Craig Arthur Transport also provides services in truck cleaning and detailing.

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